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Our secure algorithm based on over 600 studies instantly generates DNA Reports with useful insights into your Health, Personality, Fitness, Nutrition, and Skin.

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How It Works

At LifeDNA, your DNA can do more than draw a family tree.

Today, you will get everything you need to improve your mind, body, and skin.

  • Health and fitness strategies based on your DNA for optimal results.
  • Powerful insights into your own body and personality.
  • A deeper look into your skin and complexion.
  • Unlimited access to our constantly growing database.
  • 100% secure and private data.

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Your LifeDNA Reports: Everything You Need To Optimize Your Health and Wellness

LifeDNA offers one of the most in-depth fitness and nutrition DNA reports in the world.

Find the best nutrition & fitness combination to get maximum results — and learn which popular diets you should absolutely avoid.
Your intelligence, personality, body, and more: see what your DNA can reveal about you, and use that information to live a better life.
Create an optimized lifestyle based on your DNA. Nutrition, supplements, fitness, and even your daily routine can be optimized for your unique genetic makeup.

Our Mission: Inspire People to Live Healthier and More Fulfilling Lives with the Power of Their DNA

With modern DNA testing technology, we’ve reached a new level of health and wellness.

It’s now possible to use our DNA test to create customized fitness programs and diets, as well as detailed Fitness & Nutrition DNA Reports.

We’re Working Hard To:

Create smarter, more detailed DNA reports that give you the info you really need.


Explore new research to generate the most advanced and precise reports possible.


Solve everyday health challenges such as weight loss, fitness, and health risks.

Be a part of the health & wellness revolution today.

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Get Started Today and Gain A Lifetime of Insights.

We’re constantly updating our research database.

We have one of the largest and most robust research libraries in the genetic testing world with over 600 peer-reviewed studies.

Every single study is validated for true and correct findings by a member of our scientific analysis team.

When you join today, you’ll be among the very first people with access to new, personalized nutrition, fitness, and treatment options with our groundbreaking research.

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Learn More About Our Data Security

When you upload your DNA to LifeDNA, you keep 100% ownership over your data.

We will never share it without your permission (for example, if you want your doctor to know more about your genetic risks).

Our system relies on a bullet-proof method.

Your data is encrypted, protected, and safe, guaranteed.

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