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The studies performed on this genetic trait are highly reliable. There is a strong statistical significance between these genetic markers and the results in your report.

Several studies were conducted on these traits and they are deemed to be statistically significant in terms of frequency, however, more research is needed for the existing results to be deemed conclusive.

These traits are based on suggestive research, wherein only small population sizes and descriptive statistics were used to prove the studies' hypotheses.


How kind, warm, and empathetic you tend to be.

High Likelihood

Impulse control and a goal-oriented nature.

Intermediate Likelihood

Do new experiences invigorate you?

Low Likelihood

Tendency to seek out excitement.

High Likelihood

Anxiety, frustration, and fear.

Intermediate Likelihood

A serious medical condition affecting your mood and cognition.

Intermediate Risk

How being alone affects you.

High Likelihood

How quickly you bounce back.

Low Likelihood
Instant Gratification

Your ability to wait for greater rewards in the future.

High Likelihood
Risk Taking

Not all risks are bad!

Intermediate Likelihood

Are you a morning person?

Intermediate Likelihood
Social Rejection

How rejection affects you.

Intermediate Likelihood

How easily are you hypnotized?

Low Likelihood

Fast, thoughtless actions.

Intermediate Likelihood
Fear Of Pain

Fear of pain can sometimes hold you back.

Intermediate Likelihood
Positive Affectivity

Joy, happiness, and alertness.

Low Likelihood
Emotional Support Seeking

How likely you are to get help when you need it.

Intermediate Likelihood

Internal positivity in the face of external negativity.

Intermediate Likelihood
Aggressive Behavior

Negative, harmful behaviors.

Intermediate Likelihood
Reward Dependence

Everybody's working for the weekend.

Intermediate Likelihood
Harm Avoidance

Avoiding harm can (ironically) be quite painful.

Intermediate Likelihood

The house always wins.

Intermediate Likelihood
Hearing Function

What did you say?

High risk
Mathematical Ability

Are numbers built into your DNA?

High Likelihood

Genetic intelligence and cognitive skills.

High Likelihood
Verbal Memory

How well you remember?

High Likelihood
Musical Ability

Do you have the "Mozart" gene?

Low Likelihood
Sensitivity To Stimuli

How easily do you respond to stimuli?

High Likelihood
Cognitive Control

Controlling automatic or unwanted responses.

Low Likelihood
Educational Attainment

Your DNA's impact on your education.

Intermediate Likelihood
Perceptual Speed

How fast is your brain?

Intermediate Likelihood

New ideas and possibilities.

Intermediate Likelihood
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