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The studies performed on this genetic trait are highly reliable. There is a strong statistical significance between these genetic markers and the results in your report.

Several studies were conducted on these traits and they are deemed to be statistically significant in terms of frequency, however, more research is needed for the existing results to be deemed conclusive.

These traits are based on suggestive research, wherein only small population sizes and descriptive statistics were used to prove the studies' hypotheses.

Smoking Behavior & Nicotine Dependence

How you respond to smoking and nicotine.

Intermediate Likelihood
Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is never safe, no matter your genes.

Intermediate Likelihood

Staying awake or waking up often at night.

Intermediate Likelihood
Attractiveness To Mosquitoes

Sometimes, being attractive isn't so great.

Low likelihood
Inguinal Hernia

Painful, potentially dangerous rupture in the abdominal wall.

High Likelihood
Motion Sickness (Car Sickness)

Find the most stable part of the car to reduce symptoms.

Intermediate Likelihood
Resting Heart Rate

Your heart - on the couch.

High likelihood
Inflammatory Response

Your body's natural inflammatory response.

Intermediate response
Cannabis Dependence & Mental Health

Marijuana and cannabis products.

Intermediate Likelihood
Job Related Exhaustion

How quickly you get tired at work.

Low likelihood
DNA Damage And Detoxification Ability

Your body's natural detox ability.

Low Likelihood
Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Staying cool - or sweating too much.

Intermediate Likelihood
Alcohol Response

Your body's alcohol response.

Higher response
Alcohol Addiction

Avoid damage to the liver, brain, and other organs.

Low likelihood

Your chance of living to 100.

High likelihood
Male Pattern Baldness (Man)

Classic hair-loss pattern.

Intermediate Likelihood
Kidney Stone Predisposition

Painful and potentially dangerous kidney stones.

Intermediate Likelihood