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Supplements and Skincare Based On Your DNA

Patients are excited about DNA-focused supplement and skincare kits because they love the high level of personalization. Plus, we use lifestyle and family information to constantly update and improve their experience.

We sell three versions of each product:

• You earn $15 for a single product sale
(1 supplement or 1 moisturizer).

• You earn $40 for a small box sale
(3 supplements or 3 skincare products).

• You earn $70 for a big box sale
(5 supplements or 5 skincare products).

Give your patients a 15% discount on their first order!

Patients Love Exploring Their DNA, and You Can Help Them Make the Most of It

DNA and ancestry tests have become one of the most popular trends in the past few years. Patients are excited to learn about their family history and genetics and use that information to create the perfect products for them.

What We Offer

Top Industry Commisions

Earn $40 - $70 Commission\s for just one sale with DNA-crafted supplement and skincare Kits.

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Just by sending someone our way, you'll get paid as long as they make a purchase within 90 days.

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You get dedicated support from our affiliate manager who knows how to help you maximize sales and work smoothly and easily with LifeDNA.

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We ship our orders within 1 day and offer free shipping within the U.S., as well as free return shipping.

Effective Customer Support

To increase sales and keep your reputation safe. We work hard to make sure your followers are fully satisfied with their LifeDNA experience.

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When you join LifeDNA as an affiliate, you get all the materials you need to optimize your sales, with $40 - $70 per sale. Best of all, this isn’t just another diet ebook or some generic supplement. These products are truly new and exciting, and you’ll be blown away at the response you get from your audience. Even people who aren’t that into health will be curious about using their own DNA to optimize their minds, bodies, and skin.

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