Meet the LifeDNA Team.

We’re serious about health, genetics, and
all the things that make you unique.

The Co-Founders Who Started It All

Steve Markowitz

Co-Founder & Chairman

Cyril Moukarzel

Co-Founder & CEO

Jared Kushi

Co-Founder & COO

Steve graduated from UC Berkeley and has six patents for his own inventions.
After taking his company public in 1999, Steve has been an early stage investor in applied sciences companies, using his knowledge of science to help companies affect real change in the world.

Cyril is a fitness trainer and professional biohacker. As a Techstars alumnus and a third-time founder, Cyril’s experience in health and wellness have driven his companies forward. Today, Cyril’s mission is to help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives using the power of their DNA.

Jared has a BBA in finance, management, entrepreneurship, and international business, allowing him to help LifeDNA offer incredible services at affordable prices. As the former director of a top 20 startup accelerator, Jared understands the challenges facing companies today, as well as the strategies required for long-term success.

The Lead Scientist at LifeDNA:
Improving Your Health with Evidence
and Proven Strategies.

Dr. Tiirikainen is an expert in genomic technologies that are used to
decipher many different biochemical forms, such as the sequence
variations in your genomic DNA. She is also a passionate advocate of
disease prevention and consumer genomics, having taken her first
genome-wide DNA test back in 2010. She is currently the Lead
Scientist at LifeDNA.

Dr. Maarit I. Tiirikainen Ph.D.
ASHG, AACR, Genomics,
Analytical & Clinical Biochemistry

The Scientific Advisors Who Build
Our Advanced Programs

Jamie Koonce

Biohacking School, Personal Trainer,
Bestselling Author

Dr. Youssef Roman, PharmD., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy
Geriatrics Clinical Pharmacist, Queen's Medical Center

Dr. William Lagakos Ph.D.

Nutritional Biochemistry
& Physiology

Dr. Koonce focuses on creating real-world solutions from the latest scientific research. Her Biohacking School has helped students optimize their health and their lives by providing useful, actionable insights based on real scientific data.

Dr. Roman is a clinically trained pharmacist with expertise in pharmacogenomics.
He is an educator and scientist, aspiring to provide optimal patient care through the clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics. His research focus is on addressing the genetic basis of health disparities within minority populations. His clinical and research interests include the pharmacotherapy of cardiovascular diseases, hyperuricemia, gout, geriatrics, and polypharmacy.

Dr. William has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology from Rutgers University, where his dissertation focused on fatty-acid-binding proteins and energy metabolism. He then studied inflammation and diabetes at UCSD. Most recently, he was researching circadian biology at the Mayo Clinic. His broad expertise helps LifeDNA develop dynamic solutions for a multitude of health risks.

Jeremiah Grossman
Data Security Advisor

The Security Advisor Who
Protects Your Privacy

As the former Chief of Security Strategy for one of the leading
digital security companies in the world, Jeremiah’s expertise in
developing and implementing security systems allows him to
protect vital data and maintain your privacy online.

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