Meet the LifeDNA Team

We’re Serious About Health, Genetics, and All the Things that Make You Unique.

The Co-Founders Who Started It All
Cyril Moukarzel


Jared Kushi


Steve Markowitz


The Scientific Advisors Who Keep Us Informed
Dr. Maarit I. Tiirikainen Ph.D.

ASHG, AACR, Genomics,

Analytical & Clinical Biochemistry

Dr. Tiirikainen is an expert in genomic technologies that are used to decipher the invisible information of each person’s uniqueness that is to be found within the human body in many different biochemical forms, such as the sequence variations in your genomic DNA. She is also a passionate advocate of disease prevention and consumer genomics, having taken her first genome-wide DNA test back in 2010.

Dr. Fabricio F. Costa Ph.D., MBA

Molecular Genetics, Harvard University

Ph.D in Cancer Genetics & MBA in Entrepreneurship/Healthcare

Dr. Costa is responsible for some of the most important research in genetics and molecular biology. He provides LifeDNA with all the information we need to make sure our supplements and skincare work for you and your unique DNA.

Dr. Jamie Koonce

DACM, Biohacking School,
Bestselling Author

Science works best when it’s paired with practical solutions. Dr. Koonce focuses on creating real-world solutions from the latest scientific research. Her Biohacking School has helped students optimize their health and their lives.

The Security Advisor Who Protects Your Privacy
Jeremiah Grossman

Chief of Security Strategy, WhiteHat Security

Your DNA is unique — and incredibly personal. Jeremiah gives LifeDNA the security it needs to protect your privacy and treat all of your information with care and respect. He’s built a virtual fortress around your information, and we trust him with all our own private information, too.