Personalized Wellness Requires
Precise Science

LifeDNA’s team of scientific researchers, nutritionists, and geneticists have come together to create one of the most scientifically rigorous wellness products in the world.

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Our Process Is Exact

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Discover the Science Behind LifeDNA.
Your DNA Unlocks the Secret to A Better Life.

Your DNA holds a mind-blowing amount of information: your ancestry information, your risk for certain vitamin deficiencies, and your unique response to nutrients.

All this comes together to create the perfect blueprint for your supplements and skincare routine state.

Extensive, Precise Research Performed
by Leading Doctors in the Field of Genetics.

Superior Research Quality

If a study is performed on only 100 people with similar genetic backgrounds, it probably won’t be useful to our global community. We focus on research that includes a diverse group of people to make sure the study will have the most reliable outcomes.

High Impact Factor

Some journals are so important, they’ve been cited by hundreds of other researchers. Journals like that have a “high impact factor,” and this is exactly the kind of critical research we prefer to use when crafting your supplements and skincare.

Top 5 Companies

Many of the best studies in the world actually come out of the Top 5 research publishing companies in the world. We use these companies because the research they share is reliable, thorough, and innovative. (We’re serious about working with only the very best.)

Genome-Wide Association

Some genetic studies use only a small section of the genetic code to reach broad conclusions. Although this can be effective in certain cases, we prefer to focus on studies that use Genome-Wide Association: studying the entire genetic code to find the most accurate answers.

Meet the Scientists Who Help LifeDNA Create
Your Unique Product Boxes.

Dr. Maarit I. Tiirikainen Ph.D.

Analytical & Clinical Biochemistry

Post Doc, Cancer Genomics

Dr. Tiirikainen is an expert in genomic technologies that are used to decipher the invisible information of each person’s uniqueness that is to be found within the human body in many different biochemical forms, such as the sequence variations in your genomic DNA. She is also a passionate advocate of disease prevention and consumer genomics, having taken her first genome-wide DNA test back in 2010.

Dr. Fabricio F. Costa Ph.D.

Molecular Genetics

Post Doc at Harvard

Dr. Costa earned his Ph.D. in Genetics and did his Postdoctoral Degree in Molecular Genetics at Harvard University. His main academic interest is complex and rare genetic diseases. He is also a member of AAAS, the world's largest multidisciplinary scientific society responsible for some of the most innovative research available. His skills in genomics and molecular biology have helped us fine-tune our supplement and skincare solutions.

Dr. Jamie Koonce

DACM, Biohacking School

Dr. Koonce is a bestselling author, the founder of Biohacking School, a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Her whole life has been focused on finding the perfect, personalized solutions for unique people. Her unique combination of practical, hands-on health strategies and rigorous scientific background make her an excellent resource for you on your journey to optimal health.

What are SNPs?

SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) are tiny variants in our genes that cause them to function differently from the norm.

We currently have over 1000 peer-reviewed articles of the highest quality in our database, which is constantly growing as we continue our research.


Although people from various parts of the world may be more likely to experience particular differences in their genetics, our global approach (Genome-Wide Association) to scientific research means that no matter your family history, you’ll receive the supplements and skincare products you need.

Unfortunately, no.

Luckily for you, we’re passionate about optimizing health and skin with safe, effective products selected based on your DNA and lifestyle based on rigorous research.