Frequently Asked Questions

About LifeDNA

What is LifeDNA?

LifeDNA is a Hawaii-based personal genomics company that offers personalized health and wellness reports, insights, and recommendations based on DNA. Our mission is to inspire people to unlock the power of their DNA so they can live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

What makes LifeDNA different from other genetic testing companies?

We are serious about good science. While most companies use any research they can find, we check every single study in our database for accuracy and credibility.

You can trust our reports — and our security. We never share your DNA with anyone unless you ask us to (for example, if you want your doctor to personalize your healthcare based on your DNA).

Here are a few other factors that differentiate our reports from others:

1. We offer a total of 130+ genetic traits on your nutrition, fitness, personality, health, wellness, personality, cognition, skin, immunity, and supplements.

2. Our genetic research is based on over 600 peer-reviewed studies.

3. We offer actionable recommendations for each trait report that can help optimize your mind and body.

4. Our DNA reports are easy to navigate and read.

5. We continuously update our reports and add new information based on the latest research.

How much research have you done?

We have over 600 peer-reviewed studies showing the connection between genetic markers and the ingredients, nutritional recommendations, diet plans, fitness programs, and health reports that we generate. You can check out our research here.

About LifeDNA Test and Reports

How do I get my DNA reports?

Getting your LifeDNA reports can be done in two ways:

A. If you have already taken a DNA test from 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Living DNA, or Family Tree DNA, you can easily upload your existing raw data to get your reports generated.

B. If you have never taken a DNA test before, we’ll send you a DNA test kit by mail. Simply do a quick cheek swab (no spitting required) and send your kit back to us.

How long does it take to get my results?

If you’re uploading your DNA from 23andMe, Ancestry or MyHeritage, Living DNA, or Family Tree DNA, your results will be generated instantly.

If you’re sending a LifeDNA DNA Test Kit, it takes about 2 weeks to process your results.

How much detail is included in your DNA reports?

More than anyone else!

Thanks to our extensive research, we’re able to provide more actionable insights than any other DNA testing website.

We also offer the most up-to-date reports based on the latest research. We make sure that your results and your personalized genetic insights are constantly updated in order to provide you with the most accurate genetic information.

You won’t just learn about your DNA traits: you’ll also be able to improve your lifestyle, health, body, mind, and overall happiness with our genetic reports and recommendations.

Do you have sample reports?

Yes we do!

To see what your DNA Reports may look like and explore all the amazing, powerful information you can get, simply click here.

How can I download my DNA data from my 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Living DNA, or Family Tree account?

Please click on the link to get instructions on how to download your DNA data from the following sites:

  • For 23andMe users, click here.
  • For Ancestry Users, click here.
  • For MyHeritage Users, click here.
  • For Living DNA Users, click here.
  • For Family Tree DNA Users, click here.
I am still waiting for my DNA test results from 23andMe/Ancestry/MyHeritage/Living DNA/Family Tree DNA. Can I purchase this report?

Yes, you can definitely take advantage of this offer now and simply upload your DNA as soon as you've gotten your 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Living DNA, or Family Tree DNA raw data.

Are my results 100% accurate?

Your results would not be 100% accurate because gene expression is highly affected by environmental factors and other factors in between. Basically, your genetics is just one part of who you are.

However, we do our best to provide the most accurate genetic results based on over 600 scientific studies in our database.

In each trait report, we indicate a specific star rating that will help you identify if the studies behind your results are highly reliable.

On most traits that we offer, there is a strong statistical significance between the associated genetic markers and the results in your report, thus being able to provide highly-accurate data.

There are also some traits based on several studies where the results are deemed to be statistically significant in terms of frequency. However this means that more research is needed for the existing results to be deemed conclusive.

We also have traits that are based on suggestive research, which means that only small population sizes and descriptive statistics were used to prove the studies' hypotheses.

Our scientists are constantly updating our research database so as to make sure you’re getting the most accurate information on your DNA.

How do you know what foods and exercises work best for me?

Your DNA provides insights into the nutritional deficiencies and health risks you might have, what kind of exercise would work best for your DNA, and so much more.

We combine that information with our expertise in nutrition, fitness, and health to give you precise, data-driven tips and strategies for a better life.

Do you test for the MTHFR gene?

Yes. The MTHFR gene is vital to your mental health, cancer risk, potential pregnancy complications, and neurological disorders.

Our test will reveal your risk for many of these possible mutations in the MTHFR gene.

Is it possible for me to purchase another report or DNA test for someone else?

Absolutely! You can purchase 2 or more reports by following the instructions below:

1. Purchase your DNA report.

2. Log out of your LifeDNA account, click on the ad again, and proceed to purchase another one for your spouse, daughter, son, friend, etc.)

3. When purchasing your another report, please don't use the same email that you used in your 1st purchase.

About My DNA Analysis

The results in my reports do not match my actual experience. Why is this the case?

It is important to understand that your personal experience with certain traits depends on multiple factors, and our genetic make-up is an important part of that equation.

Other factors include our environment, lifestyle, demographics, and other modifiers.

Here are a few reminders that can help you better understand your reports:

1- One may have the genetic markers that predispose them to a condition, but still not develop it because their environmental factors may offset such risks.

On the other hand, even if you have a low likelihood for a particular condition, it does not mean that you will never develop it.

For example, if your report shows that you have a low sensitivity to gluten, that does not necessarily mean that you will never be able to develop the condition.

Gluten sensitivity can be triggered by several factors such as surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, viral infections, and severe emotional stress.

2- There are multiple genes that influence your results.

It is also essential to understand that most traits are polygenic in nature, meaning multiple genes are responsible for their expression in our bodies.

So, impairment in one gene cannot contribute alone to your actual experience. Some mechanisms may still try to offset or compensate for any errors in our bodies.

3- Your reports are based on the world's latest genetic research studies

The science behind the association of genetic markers with certain traits or conditions is backed by published and peer-reviewed genetic association studies. Genome-wide association study, for example, is a powerful tool to detect genetic variations in the DNA that can contribute to the likelihood of being allergic to peanuts, or being sensitive to lactose, or having a low metabolism of saturated fats.

Remember, knowing your genetic predisposition is important because this can help you manage other modifiable factors, such as lifestyle, to decrease your risks.

About LifeDNA Privacy

Is my privacy protected?

When you upload your DNA to LifeDNA, you keep 100% ownership over your data. We will never share it without your permission.

Your data is encrypted, protected, and safe.

Who owns my DNA? Will you sell my DNA?

You still own your DNA information. We simply use it to create personalized lifestyle and health reports for you.

We will never sell or share your DNA with anyone without your permission. However, if you would like us to send your DNA to your doctor for personalized healthcare and medication guidance, we will be happy to.

Where can I learn more about my privacy?

You can find our Privacy Policy by clicking here.

For any other questions or inquiries please
email us at [email protected] or call us at 1877-LIFEDNA (543-3362).