24 March 19

The Top Free Workout Programs Might Kill You.

We used fitness and nutrition genetics to analyze the top free workout programs. The results were scary.


“Top” workout programs are hard to judge. What’s makes them the best?


Are they easy? Effective? Fast?


Whatever makes a workout program the best, potentially killing you definitely isn’t on the list.


Yet if you’re not using a DNA test to determine which exercises you should be doing, the top free programs are likely to get a few critical details absolutely wrong.


Here’s what we found when we analyzed the top free workout programs against our genetically personalized workout programs.


#1: The Number of Repetitions per Workout Was Never Correct.


The range of repetitions in these top free workouts was typically between 8 and 20 reps, depending on the program and the exercise.


The reason these programs have such a wide range of repetitions is that they just don’t know what the right number is for you.


For example, one of our customers had a genetically tailored program with a repetition count of just 8-10. Following the top free program, he would have wasted half his workout doing 20 reps, missing out on serious muscle building potential.


#2: The Type of Exercises Used Sometimes Made Certain People Gain More Belly Fat.


Lifting heavy weights with low repetitions is great for some people, and terrible for others.


In fact, lifting weights can actually make you gain more fat if you have certain variations of the INSIG2 gene.


For those people, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts would be far more effective for burning fat while still helping to build stronger, more defined muscles.



#3: Most People Missed Out on the Right Exercises Completely (And May Have Gotten a Heart Attack).


When you want to improve your heart health, you should go jogging, right?


Not so fast.


Strenuous aerobic exercise can cause a heart attack or stroke in people with certain variations of the CCL2 gene.


For those people, going for a long run may ultimately be the worst thing for their health.


Meanwhile, there are strength-training genes that may increase the likelihood of having a heart attack, so there’s no one-size-fits-all way to avoid heart health risks.


You simply need to take a DNA test if you want to be sure you’re doing the right exercises for you.


See Which Exercises Work Best for Your DNA.


Luckily, you don’t have to put your body transformation (or your life) at risk with a generic, “top” free workout program.


You can simply find the perfect exercises and foods for your unique body with our instant DNA report.


Click here to learn more about unlocking your body’s full potential with LifeDNA.


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