25 November 18

The One Thing Your DNA Cannot Tell You About Dieting and Exercising (and How to Get a Better Body Anyway).

Online DNA tests can help you lose weight, but a lower body fat isn’t the only benefit.

In fact, genetic testing can give you an incredible amount of detail when it comes to how your body and brain work, including:

  • The root cause of your slow metabolism.
  • Which “healthy” foods are more likely to make you gain weight.
  • What exercises will improve your health…
  • … and which exercises actually increase your risk of illness, heart attack, or stroke.
  • Plus, you can get a list of the nutrients you might be missing out on, which can help prevent many different health risks and diseases.

Sometimes, foods that are considered “healthy” can be seriously awful for some people, depending on their DNA.

That’s why so many dieters end up frustrated when they follow a new program down to the letter, only to lose a few pounds and bounce right back to their old weight in a few days.

Dieting Is Not As Simple As Eating the Right Foods… You Have to Eat What’s Right For You.

Some dieticians (and bodybuilders) recommend eating plenty of lean meats.

Sometimes, you’ll hear that fat is terrible for you. Other people swear by keto, a low-carb high-fat diet.

In reality, some people gain more weight from eating fat… and others gain more weight from eating carbs.

You might increase your risk for cancer, obesity, diabetes, or heart disease, depending on which diet you follow, if your DNA doesn’t work well with that particular diet.

That’s why genetic testing is so important, not just for people who want to lose weight, but anyone who wants to be healthy.

These insights can give you a huge advantage in life.

But here’s the catch…

DNA Tests Cannot Tell You Whether You’re Going to Stick with the Plan. It’s Up to You.

But the good news is that if you do follow the plan, based on your DNA (instead of generic health advice from naturally skinny people), you’ll be a lot more likely to lose the weight.

People following a DNA-tailored weight loss program actually lost 33% more weight, and when you consider the amount of detail in these genetic reports, it’s really not a surprise.

And if you’re following the right strategies and getting real results, it will be a lot easier to follow the plan.

Ready to Get Your Nutrition and Fitness Insights from LifeDNA?

Click here to explore your options and see which genetic report is right for you.

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