30 April 19

The Future of Personalized Medicine According to LifeDNA CEO Cyril Moukarzel

In an exclusive interview, LifeDNA CEO/Co-founder Cyril Moukarzel announced that LifeDNA is now going beyond personalized health and wellness based on DNA, as it moves towards the field of pharmacogenomics as well. Pharmacogenomics is the study of how our genes affect our reactions to different drugs.


The team of scientists at LifeDNA is now creating the company’s own pharmacogenomics platform and reports, with its vision of saving lives by building the future of DNA-personalized medicine.


“Our groundbreaking research is helping us understand the human genome and its impact on health, drug therapy, and disease on a deeper level,”  he added.


LifeDNA is a biotechnology company that currently offers DNA-personalized health and wellness products such as supplements, DNA reports, meal plans, fitness routines, and 1-on-1 genetic health coaching, all on a single platform.



Read the full article here: http://snip.ly/odhhk7

Click here to learn more about LifeDNA: www.lifedna.com

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