25 April 19

How Meal and Fitness Plans Based on Your DNA Can Help You Lose Weight.

Despite trying so many diets and workout plans, you probably ask yourself “why am I not losing weight?” or “why am I not able to build muscles?”


Generic workout routines and fad diets are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Essentially, what works for other people may not necessarily work well for you, based on your genetics.



Your DNA is what makes you unique in your own amazing ways. Even your body’s response to food and exercise is also different from other people’s.


In fact, there are some exercises that may put you at risk for certain health conditions based on your genetics, as well as some nutrients that may be lacking in your body without you realizing it, even if you currently take a generic multivitamin.



At LifeDNA, we provide a scientific approach to your nutrition and fitness by giving you access to personalized recipes and workout routines tailored specifically to you based on your DNA.


One study showed that a genetically tailored weight loss program helped people lose 33% more weight.


With your DNA, we can determine your genetic weaknesses that may be preventing you from reaching your goals, as well as your hidden strengths that you aren’t currently taking advantage of.



Depending on your genes, you may be more sensitive to carbs or fats, increasing your risk of becoming overweight or obese, for example. And this may lead to serious health risks.


Some genetic variations may also cause your body to gain more fat instead of muscle when doing certain exercises.  

So by understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses, you can lose weight and reach your health goals more easily and more efficiently.


How you can get your own meal and fitness plan.


It’s very simple. You just have to do a quick a DNA test. Once your DNA is analyzed, you’ll be able to discover the nutrients you've been missing and learn what foods will deliver the best results for your body.



You’ll also learn about important traits, like your pain tolerance, your motivation to go to the gym, the best type of exercise for your genetics, and even how you can maximize your fat-burning and cardio health.


LifeDNA combines all this vital information together with your health goals and other biological data such as your weight and age, in order to build the perfect meal and fitness plan for you.


The LifeDNA Meal Plan offers the following:


  • Nutrition analysis based on your DNA
  • Specific recommendations for everyday meals and snacks based on your LifeDNA Nutrition Report
  • Specific instructions for cooking and preparation of each meal
  • Customized list of ingredients for each recipe
  • Specific macro and calorie intake
  • Constant updates as your goals, weight, and age change


And if you have any allergies, we’ll give you alternatives that can still help you get the same nutrients.


The LifeDNA Fitness Plan includes the following:


  • Fitness analysis based on your DNA
  • Personalized workouts curated by LifeDNA’s expert team and based on your DNA.
  • Personalized statistic monitoring and goals tracking with your LifeDNA Expert.
  • Specifically tailored to your personal health goals.
  • Constant updates as your goals, weight, and age change


These Meal & Fitness plans are designed to help you live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Your determination to become a better version of yourself is still what matters most.


So if you’re ready to take a DNA test now and fully optimize your body, visit us at www.lifedna.com

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