02 April 19

LifeDNA Featured on Forbes.


LifeDNA is optimizing and “designing health and wellness through DNA” as it provides personalized solutions tailored to your genetics that can help you improve your overall well-being.  


In the article published last Friday, Mar. 29th, by Forbes Contributor Bianca Salonga, she wrote about how your DNA can give you a lot of valuable information about your health and wellness, and how LifeDNA uses all this information to address your deficiencies, your potential risks for certain illnesses, as well as your body’s genetic strengths and weaknesses in nutrition and fitness.


Every individual responds to food, exercise and supplements in their own unique way, much in the same way that no two fingerprints are identical. This is not to say one particular type of exercise or diet will immediately fail. These programs, however, will work at their optimum when backed up by information about your DNA. In the LifeDNA lab, doctors, geneticists, nutritionists and other highly skilled health experts study and analyze genetics to create blueprints for the health and wellness of clients”, wrote Salonga in her article.


She also mentioned the new meal and fitness plans that LifeDNA will be officially launching this month.


These fitness and meal plans allow people to use the power of their DNA to take their nutrition and fitness to the next level. With LifeDNA, you can get DNA-based products, tailored recommendations and personalized coaching from a genetic health expert all on a single platform”, said LifeDNA CEO and Co-founder, Cyril Moukarzel, in his official statement featured on Forbes.

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