02 October 18

How to boost productivity at work

Remember those days when you get to the office with a ton of motivation to work but still end up failing to accomplish anything?

This happens to everyone!

We’ve got tips that can help you improve your daily work routine and boost your productivity.  


1. Focus on one task at a time to accomplish work faster.

We all get the urge to multitask, thinking that we can get stuff done faster.

Unfortunately, unless you’re part of the 2% who are genetically gifted to be good at multitasking, you’re hurting your productivity.

Try giving your undivided attention to one task at a time and watch your productivity skyrocket.


2. Don’t forget to take breaks.

Feeling burnt out with all those deadlines and that huge to-do list?  

Studies found that squeezing short breaks into your busy schedule from time to time is an effective mood booster.

It also helps improve your concentration at work.  

So don’t hesitate to get that 2-shot espresso from the nearest coffee shop and enjoy the walk at the same time.


3. Go for brain foods.

For starters, eggs contain choline, a compound that is essential for memory enhancement and better reaction time.

A banana can give your brain just the right amount of glucose it needs to work at its best, while salmon improves memory and focus with the help of B-Vitamins, Omega-3s, protein, and Iron.

Other brain-enhancing foods that you can also try are berries,  walnut,  avocado,  egg plant, carrot,  and dark leafy greens.


4. Work on the big tasks when you’re brimming with energy.

If you’re feeling more focused and alert in the morning, then it’s the perfect time to work on that major task that needs most of your energy and attention.



The key to better productivity is being able to maintain balance and staying healthy.

However, most people don’t realize that their DNA holds the key to improving their health and wellness.

Your DNA is the blueprint of your life and it can reveal what your mind and body need to operate at an optimal level.

Find out what’s best for you with a simple DNA Test and see how we can help you become a better performer. 

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