10 March 19

How a DNA Test Can Help You Get Ripped Fast.

If you haven’t taken a DNA test, you’re probably doing the wrong exercises and diets… and it’s slowing you down.

By now, everyone knows the generic advice for getting ripped:

  • Drink 16 cups of water.
  • Do 8 exercises with 3 sets of 8-12 reps each.
  • Rest for 48 hours before working the same muscle group.

But here’s the problem: that generic advice is completely wrong for most people.

Your DNA determines how your body reacts to certain exercises, how long you take to recover, and even what you should eat to maximize your fat-burning and maintain lean muscle.

In fact, there is no such thing as a perfect one-size-fits-all diet because everybody is unique.

Here’s why you need a DNA test to get ripped in the shortest amount of time.

There’s a free example of two workout strategies, based on DNA, at the bottom of this post.



Your Fat-Burning Process Is Unique.


While a caloric deficit is the key to losing body fat, there are other ingredients that many people aren’t even aware of.


For example, the FTO gene changes how your body metabolizes fats. For some people, eating a low-carb diet will help them get ripped… but for others, eating a low-fat diet is actually better.


And not just for the sake of burning belly fat: some popular fat-burning diets, like the Keto diet, can actually lead to cardiovascular illnesses or even a heart attack.


Without a DNA test, you can’t possibly know which plan is the best for you.



The Best Way to Build Muscle Depends on Your DNA.


The ACE gene changes how you respond to certain types of exercise.


If you have the II or AA alleles, you should focus on high repetition exercises to maximize your muscular growth and improvement.


However, if you have the DD or GG alleles, you should perform low-rep workouts.


So when people say you should do 8-12 reps of each exercise, they’re really taking a shot in the dark. Once you take your DNA test, you can see exactly what range of repetitions will deliver the best results for you.



Even Your Resting Period Will Change Based on Your Genetics.


The SOD2 gene and the IL6R gene will change how much inflammation your body experiences after a workout, as well as how effectively you process antioxidants.


Because of this, your optimal rest period after a workout can range from 24 hours to 72 hours or more.


That’s the difference between working out 5 days a week or just 2 days a week, and you need a DNA test to know what the most effective (and safest) strategy is for you.



Example Workouts Based on DNA Tests.


In order to show you just how important a DNA test is for getting the best possible results, we’ve included two real-world examples from LifeDNA users.


Based on their DNA, these two men ended up with drastically different plans. The generic “get ripped” advice wouldn’t be optimal for either of these guys.




DNA-Based Workout Example Chart:



User 1

User 2

DNA Test Reveals:

54% Endurance Bias

67% Power Bias

Workout Intensity:



Number of Repetitions:

High Reps (12 or more)

Low Reps (5-8)

Rest Period:

48 Hours

24 Hours

Number Of Workouts Per Week

3-4 Workouts 

5-7 Workouts 


By following this genetically personalized plan, each of these guys would achieve better results in less time than they would on a generic “get ripped” plan that doesn’t take into account their unique DNA.


These workouts are virtually complete opposites. Yet in order to achieve the best possible results, their unique bodies requires these unique plans.


Your individual results will be significantly different as well.


That’s why the best possible way to get in shape, get ripped, or simply stay healthy is with a DNA Report from LifeDNA.


Click here to learn more about optimizing your body with a DNA test.

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