15 February 19

Free DNA Chart Reveals Your Best Possible Diet.


Your DNA has a huge impact on your entire body and health.

This is obvious, since your DNA is responsible for creating all of your body parts, muscle, fat, brain, and more.

But we often neglect this powerful information when trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or stay healthy.

With a 10-second DNA test, it’s possible to find the best possible combination of foods for your unique body.

Here’s how.


[Your free DNA chart is at the bottom of this page!]



Low Fat vs Low Carb


The debate between low-fat and low-carb diets has been going on forever.


The reason there’s so much confusion here is actually very simple: different people respond to foods differently.


Some people have an increased sensitivity to carbs: bread, pasta, and sugar will cause increased weight gain.


Other people are more sensitive to fats. Saturated fats are especially dangerous for these people.


To find out which one you are, you simply need a DNA test.





Antioxidants are a hot topic in health circles, and for good reason: they purify your body of harmful free radicals and improve your overall health.


But depending on your DNA, you may have lower levels of antioxidants naturally in your body, so eating the “normal” amount of fruits and vegetables might not be enough for you.


If you don’t address this issue, the problem can quickly snowball into many potential illnesses.



Is Meat Healthy?


Meat is generally unhealthy, especially when it comes as a bacon cheeseburger or a large rack of ribs.


But for some people in particular, meat can cause extra problems.


The CYP1A2 gene may cause your body to generate higher levels of toxic substances when you eat meat.


Replacing meat with lentils, nuts, seeds, and other plant-based protein can help mitigate this risk.



Maximize Your Weight Loss.

Your body responds to different foods and exercises in a unique way.


If you’re trying to lose weight and look better, a quick DNA test can help.


You’ll learn all the right strategies for you to maximize your fitness and improve your overall health.


Whether you’re trying to lose fat, increase muscle, or prevent certain illnesses, your DNA test can guide you to the right exercises and foods.



Over 723 Genes Contribute to Your LifeDNA Report.


Important: This chart does NOT include all the genetic information you need to make the best possible diet choices.


It is important to review all 720+ genes before making changes to your diet.




What You Should Do

ACE - SNP rs4343 - DD/GG alleles

Sensitivity to carbohydrates.

Reduce your intake of carbs, especially refined carbs like sugar.


SNP rs1042714 -

GG/CC alleles

Sensitivity to saturated fats after dieting.

Reduce saturated fats. Increasing exercise levels can improve your weight loss.

CYP1A2 -

SNP rs762551 -

AA/TT alleles

Increased toxicity from meat.

Reduce your meat consumption, especially meats cooked at high temperatures.

SOD2 - SNP rs4880 - CC/GG alleles

Lower levels of antioxidants.

Consume increased antioxidants, especially from natural fruits and vegetables.


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