04 January 19

DNA Testing for Weight Loss: How It Works, and What It Can Do for You.

DNA tests for weight loss are offering people the first truly personalized path to a better body.

After trying thousands of failed diets, most people are ready for a more scientific approach to their weight loss.

It turns out that the main reason so many fad diets don’t work is simply that your DNA determines how you respond to specific nutrients… and it gets extremely specific.



There’s a long list of genes that are involved in your body’s metabolism, but here’s a quick look at just a few of them:




Diet & Lifestyle Changes


Sensitivity to Carbs

Eating carbs, like pasta, rice, or bread, may be much worse for your health.



Exercise may not burn fat effectively for you, so eating the right diet is more critical.


Energy & Brain Health

You may need additional Vitamin B, either through foods or supplements.



You might have trouble dieting, resisting food, or problems with overeating.


Want to learn about your own food & diet genes?


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So Who Should Use a DNA Diet?

In short, everyone.

Even if you aren’t trying to burn off a large amount of body fat, you probably have a few dietary recommendations that you never knew about.

You may have a sensitivity to popular foods like cheese, bread, bacon, coffee, alcohol, or sugar.

Your risk of certain diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or obesity, can also be discovered in your genes.



Is the Science Reliable?

Even though genetic testing is relatively new, the science behind it is fairly old.

Many studies are inherently flawed, so it’s important to review how the study was done, not just the results.

That’s why the scientific team at LifeDNA is very strict about which studies are permitted into the database.

Ultimately, out of millions of genetic and nutritional studies, only about 1,100 studies have been selected for the database.



How Much Does It Cost?

Some companies do charge quite a bit.

A few charge between $100 and $300.

The LifeDNA Nutrition and Fitness DNA Report costs less than $99, and there are often deals to help people get more out of their DNA test.

To see which offers are available now, click here.

You just may end up with the best body of your life.

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