20 December 18

Can You Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight? It Depends on Your DNA.

A quick DNA test can reveal which snack foods you can safely enjoy… and which ones to cut out completely.


“Eat low-carb.” “No, eat low-fat!”

What’s the right advice?

It turns out, neither of these are right… or wrong. It just depends on your DNA.

A one-size-fits-all diet plan simply isn’t going to work for everyone.

It’s not just about how much body fat you gain when you eat carbs or fats: these nutrients can have unique (and sometimes dangerous) effects on your body.

So here’s a look at how your DNA can help you create a better diet plan.

The “Heavy Carbs” Genes

There are actually a few different genes that contribute to the way you metabolize carbohydrates:


They can affect your insulin resistance, belly fat, and your likelihood of gaining more weight when you eat carbs.

They can also change whether or not adding dietary fiber to your diet will help you stay trim.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to eat more carbs, like macaroni in a bread bowl. (But we’ll talk more about calories in just a minute.)

Next up, delicious fatty foods.



The “Fatty Foods” Genes

There are many different genes involved in your body’s metabolism of saturated and unsaturated fats, as well as your overall likelihood of obesity.

The FTO gene is the most universally important, because it determines your risk of excess body fat.

The APOC3 gene determines how your LDL (“bad cholesterol”) responds to saturated fats in your foods.

For some people, eating some deep-fried cauliflower might not be so dangerous. For others, those fats can cause serious problems.

And the case is even worse for animals fats.

Not only do animal fats largely contain saturated fats, but meat may cause cancer, especially when cooked at a higher temperature.

In fact, the NAT2 gene determines how well your body clears out those cancer-causing compounds.


The Caveat: Too Many Calories of Any Kind Will Make You Gain Body Fat

Even if you have genes that allow you to eat more fats and carbs without gaining as much belly fat, it’s still possible to become obese with over consumption.

Excess calories, no matter what form they come in, will result in body fat.

But in some cases, you may be better off with certain snacks and comfort foods than others.



Find the Perfect Diet Plan for Your DNA.

DNA-crafted fitness and nutrition is finally possible.

With the precise nutrients and exercises that work best for you, you can achieve better results in less time.

People following a DNA-targeted diet and fitness plan lost 33% more fat.

Want to learn more? Click here now.

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