04 October 18

6 Healthy reasons to hit the pool this weekend

Who wouldn’t want to take a dip from time to time and just enjoy the comfort of swimming your heart out and leaving all the stress of the week behind?

Sounds fun and relaxing, right?

Swimming is one of the top 4 most popular activities among Americans and it’s because of the amazing benefits that you could get from it.

Here are 6 reasons why you should go and practice that butterfly stroke you haven’t done in a while!


1. You want a whole-body workout

Work out with your favourite strokes as you take advantage of the water’s gentle resistance.

Tone your muscles and build your strength and endurance with every lap you swim!


2. You want to boost your cardiovascular health

Develop healthy lungs and a strong heart as your muscles get a good workout in the pool whenever you swim.

Plus, this may also help lower blood pressure and control blood sugar.

3. You’re suffering from asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or any injury, but still want to be physically active

Unable to do high-impact exercises due to health issues? We got you covered!

Swimming provides a great avenue for breathing exercises that can help you develop your lung capacity and regulate your breathing.

Studies found that it can also fasten your recovery from an injury and significantly reduce pain for people with arthritis and multiple sclerosis.


4. You want to lose weight

Indeed, swimming is an effective way to burn calories.


5. You have insomnia.

Still can’t get a good night’s sleep?

You might want to include swimming in your routine.

Studies have shown that engaging in aerobic exercises such as the elliptical, bicycle, and swimming, can help you improve your sleep.


6. You’re stressed and always in a bad mood.

Don’t let stress and your mood stop you from enjoying life!

Exercise in general is famed for its powerful way of relieving stress and boosting your mood quickly.



Swimming is a fun and healthy way of maintaining an active lifestyle.

However, your DNA holds an overwhelming amount of information that could help you determine which kind of training or exercise will work best for your mind and body.

Find out how you can optimize your life with a simple DNA test. 

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