09 December 18

5 Weird Things You Didn’t Know Were Genetic (Plus 3 That Could Save Your Life).

Your genes determine a lot about who you are.

But some of the weirder ones might surprise you.

Here’s a list of things you probably didn’t realize can be found in your genetic test.

#1: Your Hangover Intensity

The way your body metabolizes alcohol, and how bad you feel the next day, is largely determined by your genes.

The ADH1C gene codes your body’s “class I alcohol dehydrogenase,” the enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

So while popular culture considers some people “lightweights” because of their inability to drink excess amounts of alcohol, the reality is that it has less to do with your body size and muscularity and much more to do with your genes.



#2: Detox Ability

Detox diets are dangerous, ineffective, and typically nothing more than starvation diets with a mix of dubious “detox drinks.”

Besides, your body has its own natural method for detoxifying.

The ability for your body to detox certain chemicals is genetic, and drinking lemon juice isn’t going to change that.

This includes your detox ability for cancerous compounds, too. (More on that later.)



#3: Likelihood of Living to 100

People who live to 100 are often asked, “how do you live to be 100 years old?”

Their answers often range from staying active to drinking coffee to simply not worrying too much.

But the best answer is one they probably won’t mention: having the right genes.

Certain genetic variants can increase your likelihood of living to 100 by 170% or more.



#4: Whether You Smell Asparagus in Your Urine

The smell asparagus causes in your urine has been the subject of many historical records.

The Scottish mathematician and physician John Arbuthnot wrote in 1731 that “asparagus… affects the urine with a foetid [extremely unpleasant] smell.”

But it’s not asparagus’s fault: he just had the wrong genes.

Whether or not you can smell the change in your urine caused by asparagus is determined by your genes.



#5: How Much You Love Sugar

People who are “naturally skinny” might just have the advantage of a lucky tongue.

The SLC2A2 gene can make you significantly more likely to enjoy the taste of sugar.

For people who don’t get a big kick out of sweets, staying thin and avoiding processed foods may be much easier.

And now, let’s look at the genetic tests that might save your life. (You can get your own genetic report here.)



Life-Saver #1: Your Genetic Cancer Risk

The genetic component behind cancer is complex, and your genes aren’t 100% responsible for the outcome.

Lifestyle choices and healthy habits have a big impact, and ultimately, there is an element of randomness.

But your DNA test can tell if your body processes meat poorly, resulting in more carcinogens. It can also reveal your risk for certain types of cancer.



Life-Saver #2: The Right Diet for You

Should you eat low carb, or low fat?

Most people in the fitness industry have their own answer, but the reality is that your DNA has the correct answer.

That’s because your body’s response to different nutrients, including carbs, fats, and protein, is determined in large part by your DNA.

So while a keto diet might be effective and healthy for some people, it just might ruin your health if your have the wrong genetic variations.



Life-Saver #3: Your Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes, and More

There are hundreds of diseases that can be tested for in your genes.

Our DNA test makes it easy to understand your unique risks and make smarter choices for a healthier lifestyle.



To learn all the weird, useful, and potentially life-saving facts hiding in your DNA, try our DNA test today.

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