29 May 18

4 Predictions for the Future of Health and Wellness that Will Make “Modern” Healthcare Look Barbaric.

Some advances in medicine would have been completely unimaginable before they happened.

The idea of DNA, or DNA testing, would have seemed absolutely impossible in the 1800’s.

But now, a growing industry is using DNA to make our lives better, and computer science is helping to expand on our knowledge and improve the way we treat patients.

Here are 4 of the biggest revolutions happening right now in medical science, and how they might radically change the way you take care of your body in the next 10 years.

(1) Gene Editing to Fight Serious Illnesses.

Using the CRISPR method, we can actually edit out genes we don’t want, or change genes to work better.

Recently, researchers used this technology to edit out a gene in a human embryo that causes heart defects, possibly saving that person from a lifetime of serious complications.

For some people, the ethical implications of this are scary. What if we use gene editing to create superhumans? What will that mean for the rest of us? Is it acceptable to edit the DNA of someone (an unborn fetus) without their consent?

But the positive side of this is easy to see: we can feasibly erase many of the worst illnesses humans face, and we may even be able to give everyone the same immunities to certain diseases that most of us are vulnerable to.

For example, some people actually have a genetic resistance or immunity to HIV. If we modified more people to have the same resistance, it’s conceivable that we could greatly reduce or even wipe out the virus.

(2) DNA-Crafted Solutions.

If editing your entire genetic code (and effectively becoming a different person) seems like too extreme of an option for you, consider DNA-tailored products.

Using a simple DNA test to find the weaknesses, risks, and unique attributes of your body, it’s now possible to create supplement packs designed just for you.

If you have a genetic variation that makes you more susceptible to a slower metabolism, for example, you can improve your metabolism with LifeDNA's Metabo-ON, while genetic risks for heart health can be mitigated with our KNG-ACE supplement.

Heart health, diabetes, and even cancer risks can all be found in your DNA, and using that information to create smarter nutritional supplement regimens is a simple, easy solution for people who are worried about optimizing their health.

Learn more about creating DNA-crafted supplement packs.

(3) A Computer that Diagnoses You.

Computer science has unlocked incredible methods for diagnosing patients.

Not only can computers manage massive amounts of data in a completely unbiased way, generating diagnoses more accurately than human doctors, but facial recognition software is being used to identify conditions such as autism.

As this technology rapidly develops, it may be possible to simply step inside a large body scanner for your “doctor’s” appointment, although that’s probably another 10 years away, as doctors still need to assist computers with entering basic information and making sense of statistical results.

(4) VR Medicine: A 3D View of Your Organs and an Easier Treatment for Debilitating Illnesses.

Virtual reality is mostly used for fun, but the potential for VR in the medical industry is huge.

Right now, researchers are using VR to help immerse medical students in the human body, exploring organs up close in a simulation.

But this technology also allows people with agoraphobia (the anxiety caused by being in certain environments) to safely explore and adjust to those triggers.

Research also suggests that VR may help stroke victims regain movement and coordination.

So what advances in medicine are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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