17 April 18

3 Trends in Product Personalization that Will Change How You Improve Your Life.

By tapping into the things that make us unique, we will rapidly improve ourselves like never before.


My mother used to tell me about how terrible TV was when she was a kid.

“They only had three channels, and they were all boring.”

Now, we’ve gone beyond the thousand-channel cable package to Netflix and other streaming services that basically allow you to create your own TV station, combining all your favorite shows at the exact moment you want to watch them.

But we can all agree that Netflix doesn’t really make us better people.

So how can we use the increase in personalization to actually improve ourselves?

Here are 3 trends in personalization that are helping us live better.

1: Personalized Health - Stop Eating Random Chemicals Found in Multivitamins.

Multivitamins are notorious in the medical field for being an unreliable mix of nutrients.

And since they’re unregulated by the FDA, you often end up with chemicals and additives that aren’t what you want.

Even if they’re made with the best ingredients, you don’t really know if you’re getting the nutrients you need.

Everyone has unique nutritional requirements, and your DNA can reveal the most critical nutrients for you. Without that information, you’re basically crossing your fingers, hoping you don’t have any hidden health challenges.


2: Subscription Boxes - the Revolution We Almost Missed.

The benefit of subscription boxes is so obvious that most people miss it.

You save time shopping in the store. You get exactly what you want, and nothing extra. If you want something different, you just go online and tweak your account.

Of course, some subscription boxes are really just generic products being sent to millions of people, but if you take the time to find a personalized subscription service, you can quickly improve your lifestyle.


3: DNA-Personalized Products that Use Your Genetic Code to Find the Perfect Solutions for You.

With LifeDNA supplements and skincare products, you can personalize your subscription box to your own DNA, lifestyle, and goals.


Vitamin deficiencies, fat metabolism, rapid skin aging, caffeine response, antioxidant levels… there’s so much information in your DNA, and most people never take advantage of it.

And when you can get your products personalized to your DNA at no extra cost, there’s really no reason to continue putting generic chemicals in or on your body.

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